Like father, like son Three generations of Tarvainen men working at Ponsse.

Finland, Vieremä

You can see not only similar features on their faces, but also a similar sense of calmness, just by looking at these men. Already members of three generations of the Tarvainen family are working in their home village’s company. “Back in the day, I couldn’t have guessed that my grandson would be working in the same company following in his grandfather’s footsteps”, Erkki Tarvainen says. “Ponsse has been a good employer, and having my grandson back in Vieremä after his studies and work placements feels nice.”
Sampo Tarvainen is more than happy about landing a job. “This is a dream come true”, Sampo says.

Grandfather Erkki’s career at Ponsse started from his friendship with Einari Vidgrén, the company’s founder. The two neighbours used to head to logging sites together, and Erkki became invaluable support for Einari and a skilful mechanic when they started to come up with ideas for the very first skidders. Tarvainen was always fully involved in the company’s development throughout his career, finally enjoying his well-earned retirement from the position of prototype workshop manager.

According to Hannu, he kind of “grew into Ponsse” – his father took him to the factory to see how large forest machines are made when Hannu was a small boy.
“My fondest memories are from the days when my father took me to logging sites. I wasn’t even at school yet, but we went together during many summers: my father worked with machines and I hung around”, Hannu Tarvainen remembers.
Surface processing became a profession, and Tarvainen trained to be a qualified surface processor. At the moment, Hannu mainly focuses on the development of surface processing. There have been major leaps forward at the paint shop and in many other manufacturing processes. “Progress is rapid”, Hannu Tarvainen says.

Another thing that these men in three generations have in common is outdoor life. They enjoy spending time out in the woods around Vieremä, and also a little farther –

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