In 1995 Ponsse Plc established North America Subsidiary

United States, Rhinelander

Over the last quarter century, Ponsse has successfully staked its claim in the forests
of North America. In 1991, Ponsse touched down on North American soil when legendary forestry advocate Earl St. John brought the first machines to Powers, MI. Through proven
performance, word quickly spread through the forest industry that Ponsse was here to stay. In 1995 Ponsse Plc established North America Subsidiary in Atlanta,
Georgia. Sensing opportunity and demand for cut-to-length machinery in the Great
Lakes region, the company found its way north and fully took root moving its North
American headquarters to Rhinelander, WI in 1997.
Since setting up shop in North America, Ponsse has never stood still. A brand journey
that first began in Michigan, quickly gained ground in Wisconsin and Minnesota, then
Canada, The New England States, Oregon, Washington and New York. Today, the brand
that began in a small village in Finland has now changed the forest industry landscape
of North America with machines hard at work in about 35 states nationwide supported
by many dealerships and service centers across the continent.
From the launch of the Scorpion in 2014, to the much-anticipated launch of the
Bison in June 2020, Ponsse has always defined the cutting edge of innovation and
performance in forest machinery. The machines are nothing without the horsepower
of the passionate men and women that continue to write the next chapter of Ponsse
North America’s quarter century success story. Today, the company tips its hard hat
to the nearly 100 employees and dedicated customers of Ponsse North America–
some with over 20 years of service and loyalty.
From a simple frame saw held by Einari Vidgrén in the Finnish countryside to a
family-owned forestry legend, Ponsse shares our continued global and North American
success with the tireless and loyal family of employees and customers who continue to
forge our reputation as King of the Forest and a Logger’s Bes

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